Becoming American: Pathways to Citizenship in Virginia

In this series, WMRA reporter Andrew Jenner tells the stories of several immigrants from around the world and their individual journeys, here in Virginia, toward U.S. citizenship.

On "Becoming American"

Oct 30, 2014
Andrew Jenner

If you heard any part of the WMRA News Department’s recent series of stories on new American citizens, you probably found yourself moved with emotion as you listened.

Here there were tales of hardship, of hard work, of dreams, of determination, and of joy.

You may also have found yourself thinking, "I never knew how much people like this went through to become part of our society."

From Ukraine to the Valley: This Is Home

Oct 29, 2014
Andrew Jenner

Imagine deciding to leave all you know, to settle in a new country, and to learn a new language.

All Paths Lead Here: An Oath, and Citizenship

Oct 22, 2014
Andrew Jenner

One day last month in Staunton, the number of American citizens increased by 80.

Will the Studying Pay Off? Taking the Citizenship Test

Oct 15, 2014
Andrew Jenner

Thursday, September 25th was a big day, a day that Ofelia Correa had been looking forward to for years.

Learning Civics: On the Road to Citizenship

Oct 8, 2014
Andrew Jenner

So, you’ve made the journey to the United States, you’ve settled here, and you want to become a citizen.

From Burma to the Valley: A Refugee's Story

Oct 1, 2014
Andrew Jenner

When we talk about immigration, we often focus on the opportunities that attract people to the United States.

First Step to Citizenship? Often, Learning English

Sep 24, 2014
Andrew Jenner

Under the best of circumstances, the path to U.S. citizenship for immigrants can take years.