Warp Speed Fundraising

The WMRA Spring Fundraiser is underway and it's time to give!

You might be thinking we're talking about the usual model for public radio fundraising, which involves interrupting programs for a week. That's not what this is at all. We're trying something different, so you can hear more of the service you've helped build!

Right now, we're asking for your support of WMRA, and we're not interrupting a thing. When we reach our goal of $200,000, the spring fundraiser ends!

However, if we can't reach $200,000 by Tuesday April 7th, we'll have to start a more traditional drive in order to raise our much needed funds. Maybe we can eliminate a few days... or maybe we can eliminate the whole shebang! It's up to you. Waiting for the giveaways? No need: once you've contributed to this drive, you're in every drawing.

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