Luray, VA – The Shenandoah National Park is famous for its beautiful views -- when you can see them. Martha Woodroof takes a look at the state of the air along the Skyline Drive.

Court Decision

Charlottesville, VA – What are your real chances of winning the lottery? Nancy King found a Virginia physicist who can shed some light on those really, really big numbers.

With Good Reason

Charlottesville, VA – The Vice-Presidential sweepstakes is bringing an unusual amount of national attention to Virginia this election year. You've probably heard that a Republican Congressman from Virginia as well as our state's Democratic Governor are currently under consideration. WMRA's Tom Graham wondered how all the talk is affecting the Commonwealth's political dynamics, so he sat down with a journalist known for having his finger on the pulse of Virginia politics.

Charlottesville, VA – In the mid-19th century, American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote that "music is the universal language of mankind."

Nancy King, found a Virginia orchestra conductor whose recent trip to China confirms the timelessness of Longfellow's observation.

Charlottesville, VA – When you find yourself reading about the Olympics over the next few weeks, chances are good that the reporter you are reading was fed by UVA Chef Steve Biery.

WMRA's Tom Graham has this profile of Biery, who now finds himself in charge of feeding more than a thousand journalists.

Richmond, VA – Due to the ongoing rise of fuel prices and Virginia's recent transportation impasse, the odds of road improvements in your neighborhood have just gone down. WMRA's Tom Graham made that discovery when he recently spoke with Pierce Homer, Virginia's Transportation Secretary.

Richmond, VA – Tom Graham recently spoke by phone with Virginia Secretary of Transportation Pierce Homer.

The main focus of conversation centered around two questions: "How is Virginia government coping with its transportation budget shortfall? What is being done to try to find common ground between Republicans and Democrats with widely varying viewpoints on this issue?"

The full interview runs about 14 minutes in length.

Warm Springs, VA – 85 year-old Ashley Bryan, as a person of color, had to break a lot of racial barriers to become a published illustrator of children's books. Bryan was in Warm Springs, Virginia last week to help a huge crowd of fans open a rare exhibition of his paintings at the Warm Springs Gallery. Reporter Martha Woodroof was there.

Warm Springs Gallery

Charlottesville, VA – Born 133 years ago (July 26, 1875), Carl Jung's psychological theories are once more en vogue. Nancy King looks at the man and his modern-day legacies.

With Good Reason

Richmond, VA – Late last week, a Special Session of the General Assembly, intended to address transportation issues in Virginia, ended in stalemate.

While the session was underway, WMRA's Tom Graham asked Republican Delegate Chris Saxman and Democratic Delegate David Toscano to sit down and talk with each other about party lines and real solutions to Virginia's transportation woes.

Richmond, VA – Virginia's Democrats and Republicans have once again demonstrated that they are unable to find common ground when it comes to fixing the state's transportation problems. Late last week, a Special Session of the General Assembly ended in stalemate.

But what would happen if you could get just one Republican and one Democrat to sit down and talk with each other about Virginia's transportation issues?

While in the state capitol last week, WMRA's Tom Graham explored that idea.

Charlottesville, VA – Virginia educators are looking for a few good men... African-American men, in fact, who want to teach in elementary school. Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, has more.

Harrisonburg, VA – The Eat Local movement in the WMRA listening area recently took a significant move toward including meat on the menu. WMRA's Martha Woodroof reports.

Polyface Farm

Charlottesville, VA – "What if" questions have long intrigued political scientists and historians. Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, reports that some Virginia college students are getting a dose of "counter-factual reasoning" in their classroom.

Richmond, VA – The issue of raising taxes is still officially on the agenda before a Special Session of the Virginia General Assembly. All last week, members of the state Senate and the House of Delegates debated proposals for fixing the Commonwealth's transportation problems. WMRA's Tom Graham spent most of the week at the State Capitol tracking that debate.

Charlottesville, VA – Virginia's foreign-born population topped half-a-million in the year 2000. Many immigrant and refugee families often experience a serious culture clash between parents and children - whether they hail from Afghanistan or Zambia. Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, has more.

Richmond, VA – Whether or not your taxes should go up will be the key issue when Virginia's General Assembly opens a Special Session.

As WMRA's Tom Graham reports, those in the legislature who favor tax increases have found an unusual ally in Hugh Keogh, president of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

Charlottesville, VA – Flowers may still smell sweet to our human noses, but the bees are having a tougher time trying to locate that rose in your garden. Nancy King, with the radio program "With Good Reason," says air pollution is compromising the fragrance of flowers.

Richmond, VA – According to one respected political analyst, when Virginia lawmakers gather for a special session of the General Assembly next week, fixing the state's transportation system will not be the only issue at hand. WMRA's Tom Graham has more.

Harrisonburg, VA – Jeffrey Lacker, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond pointed out in a speech this Monday that the large increases in food and energy prices are dampening the growth of real income in this country. WMRA's Martha Woodroof takes a look at the specific impact these increases are having on some Harrisonburg businesses.