Washington D.C. – The next significant set of elections in Virginia are not due until next summer, when primaries for statewide races will be held. But it looks like one of those contests is already heating up.

Tom Graham spoke with a Washington Post reporter who's been tracking the latest developments.

Charlottesville, VA – Pregnancy is often a roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs -- that can surprise expectant mothers with its intensity. Nancy King talked about pregnancy and childbirth with a group of Charlottesville mothers and a doctor who is also a mom.

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Charlottesville, VA – Using detective skills worthy of Sherlock Holmes, a Virginia historian has pieced together clues to show that John Henry, the "Steel Drivin' Man" of song--may be more flesh and blood than myth. Nancy King has more.

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Charlottesville, VA – With Halloween just around the corner, a young man's fancy turns to... scary movies. Nancy King explores what horrifies us at the movies.

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Charlottesville, VA – While the weary among us might hit the "mute" button on our remote control when yet another political ad airs on TV, there's one Virginian who is actually counting and analyzing all those 30-second spots. Nancy King has more.

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Charlottesville, VA – Four years of research have culminated in a new book that showcases the beauty, variety, and history of Virginia's trees. Nancy King caught up with the authors and photographer.

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Harrisonburg, VA – As Bob Dylan sang in 1964, "the times they are a changing." Back then, college students faced massive social upheaval. Now, they're facing massive economic upheaval. WMRA's Martha Woodroof takes a college student-eye look at the current economy.

Richmond, VA – A big election is coming up... but just how big?

WMRA's Tom Graham has been wondering about all the claims that decisions before us this November are of monumental, historic proportion. So he sat down with political historian Ed Ayers to find out if the historic claims of this election are really true.

Richmond, VA – Big budget cuts are coming to Virginia government.

Governor Kaine revealed today that more than 500 state workers will be laid off immediately, and over the next year and a half more than two billion dollars will be cut out of state spending plans.

WMRA's Tom Graham has details.

Virginia Budget Shortfall Press Release

Precious Refreshment

Charlottesville – With the growing interest in eating locally-produced and sustainable foods, some true believers think the timing is just about perfect for Virginia apple cider to make a come-back.

Nancy King attended a cider-making workshop recently at Monticello, and has this report.

Charlottesville, VA – In the past 24-months, more and more American businesses have hopped on board the "green" bandwagon. Nancy King says the University of Virginia's own graduate business school wants to lead the way to a greener corporate America... starting with its own house.

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Impending Budget Cuts for Virginia

Richmond, VA – As you may have heard, the economic downturn is having an impact on Virginia Government and Governor Kaine could be announcing layoffs soon.

WMRA's Tom Graham talks with Ric Brown, a member of the Governor's cabinet, about piecing together the major cuts needed in the state budget.

Lexington, VA – No matter who gets elected in November, both candidates have indicated they are ready to re-visit the United States' policy regarding interrogation and torture. The new president may very well rely on a set of guiding principles coming out of Lexington, Virginia.

Harrisonburg, VA – Election polling may not be accurate because young people and poor voters may be left out of telephone surveys, according to Bob Roberts, professor of political science at James Madison University in Virginia.

Many young people do not have landline phones, so they are not reachable by survey groups that use lists of home landline phone numbers, Roberts said.

Charlottesville, VA – Contrary to what many believe, strong regional accents are still very much a part of the American cultural landscape. Nancy King found a Virginia linguist who is collecting and categorizing different accents.

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Charlottesville, VA – In northern Virginia, a new memorial is now open that honors those who died in the Pentagon attacks of September 11th, 2001.

The memorial was made possible, in part, by the work of University of Virginia Materials Scientist, Rob Kelly.

WMRA's Tom Graham Reports.

Pentagon Memorial

Luray, VA – It's no secret that the worsening American economy is triggering job layoffs.

However, the pattern of layoffs in 2008 is causing unforeseen bureaucratic complications.

WMRA's Martha Woodroof reports.

Charlottesville, VA – Mark Eggeman is Virginia's search and rescue coordinator - a post he also held during Katrina. Has anything really changed in the last three years, from his professional point of view? Martha Woodroof caught up with Mr. Eggeman on his cell phone.

Charlottesville, VA – Parents and teachers shouldn't worry when pre-schoolers talk to themselves; in fact, they should encourage it. Nancy King has more on chatty children.

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Richmond, VA – Whether the first day of school is already behind you, or still a few days out, one researcher says this can be a challenging time of year for children.

WMRA's Tom Graham reports.

VCU Anxiety Clinic

VCU Michael Southam-Gerow Profile

Charlottesville, VA – Until fairly recently, most people rode bicycles for fun or to stay fit. Now, however, with gas prices hugging four dollars, dealers report more and more customers are buying bicycles for transportation. WMRA's Martha Woodroof has the story.

Charlottesville, VA – One-and-a-half million American families have a child diagnosed with an autism-spectrum disorder. In Charlottesville, one couple is embarking on a new therapy program and a construction project to meet the challenges of their young son. Nancy King paid a visit to the home of Josh Friedman and Mira Levine.

Richmond, VA – Across the Commonwealth, from kindergarten to college, the back-to-school-season is upon us once again.

So, what hopes does the man in charge of education, for all of Virginia, have for the year ahead?

WMRA's Tom Graham sat down for a chat recently with Tom Morris, the Commonwealth's Secretary of Education.

Charlottesville, VA – The foster care system can trace its roots back to 19th century America when thousands of hungry children were roaming the streets of big East Coast cities. Nancy King says some of these kids ended up in Virginia.

Luray, VA – The Shenandoah National Park is famous for its beautiful views -- when you can see them. Martha Woodroof takes a look at the state of the air along the Skyline Drive.

Court Decision

Charlottesville, VA – What are your real chances of winning the lottery? Nancy King found a Virginia physicist who can shed some light on those really, really big numbers.

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Charlottesville, VA – The Vice-Presidential sweepstakes is bringing an unusual amount of national attention to Virginia this election year. You've probably heard that a Republican Congressman from Virginia as well as our state's Democratic Governor are currently under consideration. WMRA's Tom Graham wondered how all the talk is affecting the Commonwealth's political dynamics, so he sat down with a journalist known for having his finger on the pulse of Virginia politics.

Charlottesville, VA – In the mid-19th century, American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote that "music is the universal language of mankind."

Nancy King, found a Virginia orchestra conductor whose recent trip to China confirms the timelessness of Longfellow's observation.

Charlottesville, VA – When you find yourself reading about the Olympics over the next few weeks, chances are good that the reporter you are reading was fed by UVA Chef Steve Biery.

WMRA's Tom Graham has this profile of Biery, who now finds himself in charge of feeding more than a thousand journalists.

Richmond, VA – Due to the ongoing rise of fuel prices and Virginia's recent transportation impasse, the odds of road improvements in your neighborhood have just gone down. WMRA's Tom Graham made that discovery when he recently spoke with Pierce Homer, Virginia's Transportation Secretary.