Jordy Yager

About 150 protesters gathered in downtown Charlottesville on Wednesday to counter what they expected to be a pro confederate rally to keep the city’s statue of Robert E. Lee in place. What they found, however, was slightly different. WMRA’s Jordy Yager has more.

Three Republicans are vying to become the party's nominee for Virginia's next Lieutenant Governor. Michael Pope spoke with them to get a sense of why they are running, and what they hope to bring to the job.

Three Democrats are vying to become the party's nominee for Virginia's next Lieutenant Governor. Michael Pope spoke with the candidates to get a sense of why they are running, and what they hope to bring to the job. 

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We often see the struggles for civil rights and racial justice as among the most noble of the legal profession. But the University of Virginia’s Law School recently realized it didn’t have any hands-on practical ways for students to get involved. Until now. WMRA’s Jordy Yager has the story.

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Today could be pivotal for the Harrisonburg man awaiting deportation to Mexico. An attorney for Cesar Lara Rios has filed a motion to reopen the case with the Board of Immigration Appeals.  WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz has this update.*

Christopher Clymer Kurtz

Residents in Rockingham and Augusta Counties whose water comes from a well, spring, or cistern can learn more about the quality of their water through several upcoming Virginia Cooperative Extension Drinking Water Clinics.  WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports.

Harrisonburg’s Cesar Lara Rios was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, on May 10, and last week ICE denied him another stay of removal. Now he is poised to be deported to Mexico, but his attorney has one remaining hope for enabling him to stay here, as WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports.

Marguerite Gallorini

How can the environmental community unite to make a difference at the grassroots level?  Answering that question was the goal of the Annual Choose Clean Water Coalition Conference, which convened Wednesday and Thursday in Charlottesville.  And as WMRA’s Marguerite Gallorini reports, participants regarded past successes as a guide for the future of environmental activism.

Jessie Knadler

A long awaited report looking into Rockbridge area Department of Social Services was released this month. In it, a special grand jury uncovered “highly disturbing” practices may have played a role in the deaths and abuse of local children. But the report concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to establish probable cause to bring criminal charges. Some residents – including at least one DSS board member -- are left wondering, how? WMRA’s Jessie Knadler reports.

Jordy Yager

Who visits almost every home, no matter how rich or poor, and is tapped into communities on a ground level? WMRA’s Jordy Yager takes a look at how postal workers are helping to fight hunger.

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On Monday more than 75 people in Harrisonburg rallied outside the Department of Homeland Security office on Neff Avenue against a pending deportation. WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports.

Jordy Yager

Charlottesville City Council on Monday moved a step closer to renaming two downtown parks currently named for Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson.  WMRA's Jordy Yager reports.

Jordy Yager

Three people were arrested Sunday night after a mostly peaceful protest in downtown Charlottesville turned momentarily violent, spilling out into the streets.  WMRA's Jordy Yager reports.

Christopher Clymer Kurtz

After serving two decades in prison for complicity to murder, Gregory Winship was granted parole, in 2010. Just a few days ago, in Harrisonburg, he became the first to receive a master’s degree in restorative justice from Eastern Mennonite University. WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports.

Marguerite Gallorini

Patients waiting for hours, doctors delayed, missing patient files ... These are common health care scenarios that could be improved with a better communication system. WMRA’s Marguerite Gallorini talked to three business students at UVa about their new app, Tandem Medical, designed to solve these problems.