One hundred films in four days.  For 27 years, the Virginia Film Festival has provided an annual showcase of movies.

So, how did Harrisonburg develop its arts and music scene?

Andrew Jenner

Imagine deciding to leave all you know, to settle in a new country, and to learn a new language.

Earlier this year Dominion Power Company proposed plans for the construction of a new natural gas pipeline.

Due to structural renovations on the WMRY 103.5 tower, we may have to reduce the power of that signal at times during the mid-day period.

The WMRA studio-to-transmitter link has been fully restored and our recent audio drop-outs have ended.

In 2001, Harrisonburg City Council designated its downtown as an Arts and Cultural District.

Andrew Jenner

One day last month in Staunton, the number of American citizens increased by 80.

Luanne Austin

Forty-thousand women are expected to die this year from breast cancer.

Andrew Jenner

Thursday, September 25th was a big day, a day that Ofelia Correa had been looking forward to for years.