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Earth Week?

Apr 21, 2014

44 years ago, April 22 marked the first official, "Earth Day." (It got started here in the U.S. but soon spread across the globe.) 

Now some Virginia environmentalists are among those who believe a whole, "Earth Week," is in order.

A Virginia Politics Update

Apr 17, 2014 / Rob Shenk (Flickr)

Virginia’s new fiscal year begins the first of July. Normally, well before now, lawmakers would have already approved a spending plan for that new fiscal year.  The plan would help fund public schools and local governments, as well as cover the cost of every single state agency.

Breaking Bread with Philosophy - An Update

Apr 14, 2014

When Marietta McCarty wrote her most recent book, she envisioned people using it as a guide for dinnertime conversation in people’s homes.

A Fireman’s Tale

Apr 10, 2014

You saved lives as a medic in Vietnam... explored the deepest seas as a Navy salvage diver... and even spent time as a theater director in New York. 

But your favorite job? 

Your years as a Virginia firefighter.

We talk with Danny Lliteras about his new memoir, Flames and Smoke Visible.

Independence Technology

Apr 7, 2014

Technology... It is supposed to make life easier, save us time and effort, and make us more free. But is that always the case?

Key Questions About Wrongful Convictions

Apr 3, 2014

After researching hundreds of trials and tens of thousands of court documents, a Virginia lawyer is pursuing some critical questions about wrongful convictions.

Physics All Around Us

Mar 31, 2014

The science of Physics. Ever wonder what it has to do with your everyday world?

A Virginia Politics Update

Mar 27, 2014
Photo: Waldo Jaquith

The quest to fund state government... Ethics reform that isn't... Washington's paperwork mine... Even the president’s blue jeans.

March-ing Back into that Garden Again

Mar 24, 2014

By now maybe you have forgotten all about that white stuff you had been using a shovel on until recently... because your focus has switched completely to digging in the dirt.

Same Party / Different View

Mar 20, 2014
Virginia General Assembly Fickr Stream

You may have heard that funding to keep Virginia government running later this year is currently caught in the middle of a bitter debate.


Mar 17, 2014

Industrial Hemp... Heard of it?

Pet Loss

Mar 13, 2014

Whether they have four legs, feathers, or slither along on their bellies, pets can be an important part of anyone’s family. So how do you cope when they leave?

Reaching for Starry Nights

Mar 10, 2014

Across the industrialized world, "Light Pollution," has become such a big concern that some countries now ask their citizens to take one day out of the year to focus on the problem.

Hospitals + Poverty = ?

Mar 6, 2014

Are Virginia hospitals in jeopardy?

Getting at Fact through Fiction

Mar 3, 2014

Sometimes the most effective route to the truth is through fiction.

Nearing Session’s End?

Feb 27, 2014

For sixty straight days most of Virginia’s state lawmakers race from sun up to well after sundown, struggling to finish all that needs taking care of in the Commonwealth’s part-time legislature.

An Update on Alzheimer's

Feb 24, 2014

"Am I going to get it?" "What can I do to prevent getting it?" "How can we help someone who has it?"

Alzheimer’s experts says those are among the most frequent questions they get from the general public.

How to Tell the Fluff from the Good Stuff

Feb 20, 2014

Psychologist Dan Willingham’s new book was written primarily for those who are concerned about the best way to educate children.


Feb 17, 2014

How attached are you? To whom are you attached? What caused you to be that way?

Love Connections

Feb 13, 2014

Communication researcher Jennie Rosier was blogging about love, and interacting with her blogs’ readers, for many years before she wrote her first book.