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Aug 18, 2014

Montpelier.  If you think of it as the quaint museum where James and Dolley Madison once lived,  you have not been there in a while.  

Woodrow Wilson: The Virginia Connections

Aug 14, 2014

He was a Governor of New Jersey who became President.  So why would his library be in Staunton, Virginia?  Just one of the questions we address when we meet up with the curator of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum.

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He was a Governor of New Jersey who became President.  So why would his library be in Staunton, Virginia?  Just one of the questions we address when we meet up with the curator of the Woodrow Wilson Library and Museum.

Pipeline Concerns

Aug 11, 2014

How do you feel about natural gas?   How do you feel about the possibility of an interstate natural gas pipeline running through your part of Virginia?  

A Virginia Politics Update

Aug 7, 2014 / Rob Shenk (Flickr)

A former family values governor comes up with an unexpected courtroom defense.  

Virginia’s onetime “most powerful Congressman” announces he’s leaving office early.  

Just two of the surprise political headlines of late.  We are certain to discover many more when we meet with our politics update team. | U.S. Census Bureau, Public Information Office (PIO) | Kevin Tostado

People who teach:  Might their efforts be helped by what scientists have been discovering about the human brain?  David Daniel thinks that is possible.  But he believes it is at least as important for scientists to consider how they could benefit by listening to teachers.  

Alone with Your Thoughts

Jul 31, 2014

It sounds pretty easy. Sit in a room, by yourself, with no distractions. Then just pay attention to your thoughts for 10 or 15 minutes. But apparently most of us cannot do it. Or, if we can, chances are good we will heartily dislike doing it. Those are the findings from an unusual new study.  

Children Who Say They’ve Lived Before

Jul 28, 2014

Jim Tucker is a psychiatrist. But a rather unusual one.

He travels the world talking to children.

Specifically to children who claim to remember living a previous life.

Camping with Shakespeare

Jul 24, 2014

Remember summer camp when you were a kid?  What if, even though you’re now all grown up, you could not only experience all the fun of summer camp, but also got to walk away with a new perspective on life based on the plays of William Shakespeare ?

Reading Out of School

Jul 21, 2014

"Children who love to read have a step up in life.”  Recent surveys show most of us believe that.  But how do you get kids to love reading --or even willing to pick up a book while school is out? Is it possible that summer vacation might even be the perfect time for youngsters to discover a love for books?

Hoping for Help for Children with Dravet

Jul 17, 2014

Your child has been perfectly healthy up until the time of about 6 months of age.  Then the seizures begin.  They grow progressively worse.  Soon other symptoms appear.

Novel Secrets

Jul 14, 2014
Homeros 29

What might it be like to have a famous author take you under his wing and say, “Here, I’ll help you write your novel”? In the new book Writing with the Master, Tony Vanderwarker tells all about such circumstance.

Climate Mapping

Jul 10, 2014

How might you predict changes that could be coming to Earth’s climate in the years ahead?    Well, perhaps you could enter massive mountains of data into some of the world’s most powerful computers. 

Best in Class

Jul 7, 2014

On first airing, the episode was titled “Teaching Children to Make Music.”  The Virginia Association of Broadcasters has just honored it the as 2013’s  best public radio, public affairs program in the commonwealth.

Checking on the Wild

Jul 3, 2014

For more than 30 years, the Wildlife Center of Virginia has been treating injured animals and releasing them back into the wild. That work has garnered praise around the world. But now there is international attention on another front -- the Center’s success at cementing public support through use of internet portals.