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Beginning Bias Early

Feb 5, 2015

How young were you when you first began to notice that some people looked different than you?

The Right Moves

Feb 2, 2015

Brian Lambert thinks it may have been back in Kindergarten that you learned behaviors causing you pain today.

The longtime physical therapy specialist says the good news is, if you’re suffering most any kind of back, neck, leg, or other dysfunctional pain as a result, there are simple exercises that can begin to put things right.

Virginia's Sierra

Jan 29, 2015

When someone says "Sierra Club," do you think about environmentalists somewhere out west doing their work near the Sierra mountains?

Caring for the Wild

Jan 26, 2015

Come Spring time, people often find themselves giving more thought to animals in the wild.

At least that’s the word from the founder of the Wildlife Center of Virginia, who also says something as simple as where you place a birdfeeder can affect the lives of a wide variety of different types of critters.

We get more detail on that, and an overall update on life in the wild.

The Planetarium Guy

Jan 22, 2015

If you have ever spoken with Shanil Virani you probably figured out pretty quickly that he can be passionate on any number of subjects.

But, fact is, this astrophysicist (perhaps better known as the planetarium guy) can also be fascinating on any number of topics... especially anything remotely connected to celebrating science.

A Virginia Politics Update

Jan 19, 2015
Virginia General Assembly Fickr Stream

Our elected representatives in both Washington and Richmond are now well into new legislative sessions.

Our first Governor ever to face prison gets a lighter sentence that most anyone seems to have expected.

And some noteworthy presidential politics are cropping up too.

Anything political is open for discussion as we gather our analysis team for another update.

Anita Kumar 
- White House Correspondent, McClatchy Newspapers.

False Confessions

Jan 15, 2015

You would never confess to a crime you did not commit... would you?

Someone Else’s Environment Affecting You

Jan 12, 2015

Severe air pollution in China.  Remarkable temperature rises in the Artic.  Extensive deforestation in the Amazon.

Do such environmental issues affect us here?

Treating Crime with “Restoration”?

Jan 8, 2015

"Restorative Justice."

If you have heard that term before, it may well have been associated with one of those Truth and Reconciliation Commissions that began making news around the world some years back.

Indeed, the most famous such commission started its work in South Africa twenty years ago. 

We meet up with some Virginia activists who say it is now time to try a "Restorative Justice" approach in America’s criminal justice system.

On "Becoming American"

Jan 5, 2015
Andrew Jenner

If you heard any part of the WMRA News Department’s recent series of stories on new American citizens, you probably found yourself moved with emotion as you listened.

Here there were tales of hardship, of hard work, of dreams, of determination, and of joy.

You may also have found yourself thinking, "I never knew how much people like this went through to become part of our society."

Christmas on TV

Dec 22, 2014

It has been one of America’s all-time favorite holiday, television specials for half a century.

But did you know “A Charlie Brown Christmas” almost never made it to the airwaves?

Researcher Stephen Lind tells us more about that, as well as exceptional detail from the other Christmas specials he has been studying.

NOTE: This is an encore broadcast which originally aired on Monday, December 1, 2014.

A Virginia Politics Update

Dec 18, 2014
Virginia General Assembly Fickr Stream

Former journalist Bob Gibson heads up the Sorenson Institute for Political leadership.  Anita Kumar reported on Virginia politics for many years before taking her current post as a White House correspondent.  Political scientist Bob Roberts studies and teaches public policy at James Madison University.  

Roberts, Kumar, and Gibson... on hand for both a year end review of political news as well as some consideration of what likely lies ahead.  Your views and predictions welcome too.

Southern Unionists

Dec 15, 2014

Sometimes history needs correcting. Or maybe it is more accurate to say that our understanding of some historical facts may need adjustment.

Online Tax - Or Not?

Dec 11, 2014

You like paying taxes, right? Okay, maybe not so much. 

But when you avoid sales tax while buying merchandise online, how is that affecting brick and mortar stores where customers DO have to pay sales tax?

The Mills Duo

Dec 8, 2014

There are different stories about what caused the sparks. But everybody agrees sparks certainly flew the very first time they met... as teenagers.