The Virginia Politics Roundtable

May 24, 2012

Living in a swing state makes some people happy.  

For example, millions of  advertising dollars will flow into Virginia television stations between now and November... although you might not be thrilled with the resulting TV commercials flowing into your home.

Yet, besides the presidential race, there’s much other political news developing: A contest for U.S. Senate…  State lawmakers making a new strike against homosexuality… Consternation in the GOP over tax reform plans from a Republican governor… and more.

Our political roundtable takes us behind the headlines.


Anita Kumar - Richmond-based political reporter for The Washington Post.

Bob Gibson - Executive Director of The Thomas C. Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership and former political writer at The Charlottesville Daily Progress.

Robert North Roberts, J.D., Ph.D. -  Government Policy Specialist.  Author of numerous books on American politics, among them --  Ethics in U.S. Government (Greenwood), The Public Integrity Wars (Praeger), Public Journalism and Political Knowledge (Rowman & Littlefield), and Encyclopedia of Presidential Campaigns (Greenwood).  Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, James Madison University.

Additional Contributor:

Amy Woolard, J.D. -  Senior Policy Attorney at the nonprofit advocacy group Voices for Virginia’s Children.