Thank You Gifts

Mar 13, 2015

Support WMRA today!

Imagine waking up to Morning Edition and a cup of coffee (or tea, if that's your thing) in a great reminder that you helped make it happen! The WMRA coffee mug: it's a way for us to say "thank you" for a contribution of $10/month.

With a contribution of at least $15/month, you can get a pair of coffee mugs - so you can share with your sweetie, or just put off washing one of the mugs.

If you're well-fueled, but your cell phone runneth empty, you'll appreciate the WMRA Power Pack: it's an extra battery that you can charge from any USB port, then stow away in a purse or glovebox, and, when that phone or tablet cries out for power, the Power Pack will buy you some more time.  It's yours for a yearly contribution of at least $250.

And, we've got a special thank you gift for new sustainers!  Become a sustaining member with a contribution of at least $10 per month, and we'll send you a snazzy WMRA tote bag, featuring the names of all your favorite programs, arranged in the shape of Virginia.  Walk down the street knowing your groceries, books, et cetera are securely contained in an Earth-friendly accessory that proudly proclaims you're a sustaining member of WMRA!

Support WMRA today!