Snap Judgment: One of Our Own

Apr 7, 2012

Some say blood is thicker than water. Maybe, maybe not. On this special presentation of Snap Judgment, we explore the different ways people create the special alchemy of family.


One of Our Own:

A young couple waits by the phone, hoping their social services agency has good news about a child placement. When they do get the call, it's more than they bargained for.

Carol and Joel are about to meet. They don't know anything about each other and have never spoken, but they share the most intimate of bonds.

Kim de Blecourt and her husband Jahn thought it might be nice if their daughter had a sibling. After a few unsuccessful domestic attempts at adoption, the de Blecourts extended their search, internationally. They considered various places - Ethiopia, Thailand, but finally, they decided to work with a country Kim had traveled to as a missionary. Ukraine.

When a mixed race baby is adopted in rural Vermont in the 1960's, questions about her background take on a new gravity.

During El Salvador's long civil war, thousands of babies were adopted by American families. Now those children are using DNA samples to help them find their biological families in the wake of the conflict. Angela Fillingham had no idea where her cheek swab would lead .

Adoption officials told Fisseha's new, American family that his family had died. Upon his return to Ethiopia, Fisseha's adoptive family learned a far more complicated truth.