Keeping Bees

Jun 2, 2014

When you see a bee in your yard, do you quickly scurry as far away from it as possible?

Or might your choice be to stand quite still while giving thanks for all that the little critter has been doing?

Why would you do that second thing, you ask?

If you cannot guess the answer, some avid Virginia beekeepers would like to talk with you.


Ann Harmon - Private beekeeper in Rappahannock County, Virginia. Past President, Virginia State Beekeepers Association. Beekeeping Teacher at Verdun Adventure Bound in Rixeyville, Virginia.

Amanda Rose Newton - Entomologist. Private beekeeper in Lexington, Virginia. Extension Agent, Rockbridge County Cooperative Extension.

Bill Theiss - Private beekeeper in Bridgewater, Virginia.  President, Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Association.