Got a Question About the Weather?

Jul 19, 2012

Stan Ulanski has been studying weather and climate for more than 30 years, Bruce Hayden, for at least a decade longer.

Just in case you have some questions about what the heck’s been going on with our weather lately, Ulanski and Hayden agreed to stop by.


Bruce Hayden, Ph.D. - Former State Climatologist for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Author of  Atlas of Virginia Precipitation  [University of Virginia Press].  Professor of Environmental Science, University of Virginia.

Stan Ulanski, Ph.D. - Author of The Gulf Stream: Tiny Plankton, Giant Bluefin, and The Amazing Story of the Powerful River in the Atlantic [University of North Carolina Press].  Professor of Earth Science and Geology, James Madison University. Former TV Meteorologist for WHSV-TV, Harrisonburg.