DinoHenge Whacktasticness (Closed)

Oct 31, 2012

DinoHenge Whacktasticness --closes  Thurs 1 Nov 2012. Oddest. Exhibit. Ever. (Wonderfully so!)  FoamHenge/DinosaurLand sculptor Mark Cline, DC pubs decorator Lee Wheeler, and zen-chainsaw sculptor Glenn Richardson amuse the weirder parts of your mind.  Art peekers welcome 9-5 weekdays. 

Aware that the arts get little news coverage and visual art almost never gets broadcast attention, WMRA, as a service to the region's creative community, has provided visual artists a place to show (and occasional airtime too) since 2005 . 

The artists now showing:

Mark Cline:
Of FoamHenge and DinosaurLand fame.
Theme park structures fabricator and publicity-stunt genius.
Exhibited at the Taubman Museum of Art.
Recovering fabricator of Jellystone campground giant Yogi Bear mascots.
(And past guest of The Spark on WMRA.)

Glenn Richardson:
H Street Festival repeat exhibitor.
Recovering high-end landscape designer.
(Detailed statement here.)

Lee T Wheeler:
Pub paradigm-shifter (sculptor/muralist).
Decorated bars in DC (Argonaut, Rock-N-Roll Hotel, H Street Country Club, Alliance, Lush, Asylum, Trustys, Reef, The Scoop) and sometimes in NY (Bowlmor Lanes Times Square, Greenwich Village Country Club).
Recovering  tattooist.

The exhibit is at WMRA's Harrisonburg facility (map).  
You might even bump into some regional radio personalities

Past exhibits.  Call to artists info.