Charlottesville Takes an Official Stand

Jan 31, 2017

Executive orders from President Trump affecting immigrants and refugees have spurred city officials in Charlottesville to take an official stand of opposition. WMRA’s Jordy Yager has the story.

Several hundred people gathered outside Charlottesville’s City Hall at noon on Tuesday to support local refugees and immigrants.

Before the large crowd, more than a dozen speakers lined up, including religious leaders, refugee advocates, and the wife of Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor. Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer called the event because he worried refugees were getting the wrong impression.

MIKE SIGNER: They are hearing the message that America does not want them here. I could not disagree more strongly. They are exactly the people that we need here.

Signer said staff from the offices of Democratic Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner has committed to provide local refugees with casework assistance as needed. Local attorneys and law students will also be available. The city, he said, will stand by its refugees and immigrants.

SIGNER: And that is why I am here today to declare that Charlottesville, the historic home of Thomas Jefferson, is a capit0l of the resistance.

Local resident Khizr Khan came to fame at the Democratic National Convention last year after offering to lend a pocket-sized Constitution to Trump. On Tuesday, he told the crowd not to give up hope.

KHIZR KHAN: This dark chapter in the history of this country will never be written as long as these patriots are standing and speaking.