Car Talk Vehicle Donation Progam

Got a car in your driveway that you're tired of looking at? Why not donate it to benefit WMRA and WEMC?

Thanks to Car Talk's vehicle donation program, you can now clear out your driveway, support WMRA and WEMC and get a tax deduction — all in one fell swoop.

Here's how it works. Just fill out a simple online form and you'll quickly have room in your driveway for that new car you've been eyeing. Car Talk's national partner, V-DAC, then arranges for the pick up of the vehicle and its title. It couldn't be easier! From there, the car is sold (or dismantled, if it's like one of Tommy's cars), with the proceeds benefiting WMRA and WEMC.

A vehicle donation is more than a way to just get rid of an unwanted car, though. It also offers you significant tax savings.

Car Talk searched for some time to find a vehicle donation program that was safe, reliable and efficient. V-DAC was selected because it offers the best return to public radio stations, and it accepts the widest possible range of used vehicles. Plus, it has a great reputation — it also administers a vehicle donation service for over 2,000 local and national charities. Put another way, "We've been told that they have absolutely no connection to the Gambino crime family, Vincent 'The Chin' Gigante or the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa," says Car Talk's Ray Magliozzi.

"But we decided to go with them anyway," adds Tom. What prompted Car Talk to start a vehicle donation program? "Tommy's wife asked for it, actually," says Ray, "At this point, she'll try anything to get Tommy's '52 MG TD out of the driveway, and the idea was born."

"This is a classic example of what game theorists call a 'win-win-win-lose' scenario," explains Tom. "The donor wins, the spouse wins, the station wins — and the IRS loses. Now, what could possibly be better than that?"

We hope you'll check out this program by clicking on the vehicle donation link, or calling 1-866-789-TMCP (Take My Car Please - 8627). If you're not yet ready to donate your used vehicle, we hope you'll share this creative way to support public radio with a friend.

Please call or write for more information:
Al Bartholet (540) 568-6221 or (800) 677-9672
Executive Director
WMRA-WEMC Public Radio, 983 Reservoir St., Harrisonburg VA   22801