Lucy the White Dwarf

May 11, 2017
NASA, ESA, H. Bond (STScI), and M. Barstow (University of Leicester)

On this episode of Our Island Universe: The ultimate fate of our sun.

Invisibilia - Season 3

May 5, 2017

The third season of Invisibilia is here. This is a 4 episode season and will run each Wednesday night at 8pm and Sunday night at 10pm.

Cassini's Swan Song

May 4, 2017

On this episode of Our Island Universe: After 13 years surveying Saturn and its moons, the space probe Cassini is entering the final stages of its mission.

Christopher Clymer Kurtz

After serving two decades in prison for complicity to murder, Gregory Winship was granted parole, in 2010. Just a few days ago, in Harrisonburg, he became the first to receive a master’s degree in restorative justice from Eastern Mennonite University. WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports.

Marguerite Gallorini

Patients waiting for hours, doctors delayed, missing patient files ... These are common health care scenarios that could be improved with a better communication system. WMRA’s Marguerite Gallorini talked to three business students at UVa about their new app, Tandem Medical, designed to solve these problems.

On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Emily Richardson-Lorente dives deep into the HPV vaccine and why only 1 in 3 kids in Virginia are getting it, even though it prevents not only HPV but also some cancers.... Jessie Knadler lets us in on the tall tales told at the 7th Annual Liars Contest in Staunton.... and, we've got analysis of the week in Virginia politics.

Record Setting Astronaut Peggy Whitson

Apr 27, 2017

On this episode of Our Island Universe: We celebrate NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, who now holds the record for time spent in space by an American astronaut. 

Emily Richardson-Lorente

We’ve known for a long time that the Human Papilloma Virus can cause cervical cancer in women. But increasingly, HPV is causing cancers further up the body, in the throats of people infected with the virus. And the largest group of patients? Middle aged men. Emily Richardson-Lorente has the story of one Virginia man dealing with the consequences.

Emily Richardson-Lorente

HPV infections are leading to an increasing number of cancers in both men and women. There’s a vaccine that can address that, but most people in Virginia aren’t getting it. In fact, compliance rates for HPV vaccination are so low here and throughout the U.S., that the National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Centers call it “a serious public health threat.” WMRA’s Emily Richardson-Lorente has the story.

Jessie Knadler

A Church in Staunton was the site of the 7th Annual Virginia Liars Contest‑--yes, a liars’ contest at a church – over the weekend, where weavers of whoppers had eight minutes to spin fantastical fibs for a crowd. The best whopper won $100, a golden shovel and a bag of manure. WMRA's Jessie Knadler was there to take in the tall tales and learn more about the fine art of storytelling.


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