Charlottesville, VA – The foster care system can trace its roots back to 19th-century America, when thousands of hungry children roamed the streets of big East Coast cities. Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, says some of these kids ended up with families in Virginia.

Charlottesville, VA – Torah - construed in its broadest sense - is the wisdom and the way that guides the Jewish people. Yoga is the practice of using breath and movement to enlighten body, mind, heart, and soul. Combine the two and you get Torah Yoga. Reporter Martha Woodroof attended a class in Charlottesville.

Charlottesville, VA – What are your real chances of winning the lottery? Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, has found a physicist who doesn't play the lottery but who can shed some light on the odds of Lady Luck smiling on you.

Charlottesville, VA – Despite all the talk about equality in modern relationships, it should come as no surprise - at least to women - that most husbands are lagging behind in the housework department. But Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, reports that live-in boyfriends are another story.

Extended Interview

Harrisonburg, VA – Woodroof: What made you want to leave Guatemala?

Well, I come from very poor, poor family. And we don't have opportunities for job over there. We don't have a good education. I have a lot of brothers over there and my mom. I give my sacrifice for them, you know. I am working for my family.

Charlottesville, VA – Toward the end of this month, college acceptance letters will start arriving in mailboxes of high school seniors across Virginia. Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, reports it is "crunch time" for seniors and, as it turns out, for colleges too.

Richmond, VA – Without a tax increase, yet with additional funding for some popular programs, it looks like Virginia lawmakers may have solved the mystery of how to come up with a new state budget. WMRA's Tom Graham spoke with a capitol-beat newspaperman who's been tracking the latest developments.

Harrisonburg, VA – During the past quarter century he covered the world, reporting for the Miami Herald, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, then spent many years as Editor of U.S. News and World Report. As of just a few months ago, he began overseeing the news you hear from NPR, and his views about the state of journalism will be the focus of attention at a public forum in Lexington, Va., Friday, March 14. WMRA reporter Tom Graham spoke with NPR's Brian Duffy.

Charlottesville, VA – For nearly four centuries, oyster was "king" of the Chesapeake Bay — supporting industry and a way of life on Virginia's Eastern Shore. But by the 1980s, disease and pollution had nearly wiped out Virginia oysterbeds. Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, reports that today there is a glimmer of hope for the beleaguered bi-valve.

Charlottesville, VA – As Virginia's General Assembly races toward its scheduled adjournment this weekend, a monkey wrench appears to have been thrown in the works of one of its most contentious issues. WMRA's Tom Graham spoke with a State Capitol newspaper reporter who's been tracking the latest developments.

Charlottesville, VA – There's a new, highly noninvasive way to stop brain tumors available at the University of Virginia. Martha Woodroof has the story.

Charlottesville, VA – Governor Tim Kaine has declared April 2008 as "Financial Literacy Month." Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, says there's a growing movement in Virginia that's pushing to teach kids all about money at a very early age. And it seems to be paying off.

Charlottesville, VA – Why do we have a 29th of February this year? WMRA's Tom Graham found an astro-physicist willing to give a refresher course on the standard explanation, plus some calendar revelations you likely had not heard before.

Charlottesville, VA – Homeowners who were hoping for property tax relief may be in for some disappointment. WMRA's Tom Graham spoke about that and other key Virginia legislative issues with Richmond Times Dispatch political analyst Jeff Schapiro.

Charlottesville, VA – Chances are quite good that the next time your dinner is interrupted by a telemarketer, the phone call is coming from India. An Indian-born film-maker, now teaching in Virginia, has made a documentary about New Delhi call centers. Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, has a look behind the scenes.

Charlottesville, VA – A valley lawmaker is working to change the statute that prevents concealed weapons in places where alcohol is served. WMRA's Tom Graham speaks with a Charlottesville reporter who's been tracking the story.

Charlottesville, VA – WMRA's Tom Graham speaks with a Washington Post reporter who's tracking the latest on the Virginia state budget.

Charlottesville, VA – Next month a major American theatre (the Kennedy Center) will stage all ten of August Wilson's plays... including two Pulitzer prize winners. Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, found a Virginia dramatist who is thrilled with this landmark theatrical undertaking.

Richmond, VA – Money is the big concern in Virginia's General Assembly this week. Legislators cannot escape the fact that there is even less of it available than previously thought. WMRA's Tom Graham spoke by phone with a state capitol reporter whose been tracking the latest developments.