1:02 am
Wed February 11, 2009

UVA Literary Scholarship Goes High-Tech

Charlottesville, VA – At the University of Virginia, literary scholarship first went digital with the highly touted Rosetti Archives in 1993, and the University now a hot bed of high-tech literary activity. The challenge of course, is to maintain rigorous academic standards. Martha Woodroof reports on one UVA digital archive that's successfully married 21st Century Technology with exacting Nineteenth century scholarship.

NINES - Nineteenth-Century Studies Online

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2:11 am
Thu February 5, 2009

General Assembly: Mid Season Update

Richmond, VA – This year's session of the Virginia General Assembly is nearing its midway point.

For analysis on what has be en accomplished so far, WMRA's Tom Graham sat down with Richmond-Times Dispatch political reporter Jeff Schapiro.

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5:54 am
Sun January 25, 2009

Metroburbia, USA

Charlottesville, VA – Since World War II, America has seen greater suburban growth and larger and larger houses...until now.

Jesse Dukes looks at the history of the American suburban home.

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7:00 am
Thu January 22, 2009

Legislative Priorites - Rob Bell

Richmond, VA – A record budget deficit remains the top priority of state lawmakers, now in their second week of the 2009 Virginia General Assembly.

But Delegates and Senators are also making time for other issues.

In our continuing series of conversations with legislators from across the WMRA region, Tom Graham spoke Rob Bell, Delegate from the 58th district about some of his top concerns.

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7:11 am
Wed January 21, 2009

WEB EXTRA: The First Spouse and Conflicts of Interest

Harrisonburg – Anthony Eksterowicz is a Professor of Political Science at James Madison University and author of 40 articles and 7 books on the presidency and the first lady.

WMRA's Martha Woodroof recently sat down with Dr. Eksterowicz to discuss how conflicts of interest arise and could be dealt with between President and spouse.

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3:26 am
Wed January 14, 2009

Legislative Priorities - Matt Lohr

Harrisonburg, VA – The 2009 session of Virginia's General Assembly opens later today.

Budget numbers scheduled to be released during the session will likely show a need to cut more than 3 billion dollars in state spending.

WMRA's Tom Graham continues our series of interviews with Matt Lohr, member of the House of Delegates from the Harrisonburg region.

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3:18 am
Wed January 14, 2009

Legislative Priorities - Frank Ruff

Farmville, VA – The 2009 session of Virginia's General Assembly opens later today.

Issue number one is a budget deficit now pegged at almost 3 billion dollars, and growing.

WMRA's Tom Graham sat down recently with Frank Ruff, state senator who Chairs the "Center for Rural Virginia" to ask how he will be approaching the budget challenge.

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4:28 am
Tue January 13, 2009

Legislative Priorities - Creigh Deeds

Richmond, VA – The 2009 session of Virginia's General Assembly opens tomorrow.

Priority number one will be dealing with a multi-billion dollar budget deficit.

WMRA's Tom Graham sat down recently with Creigh Deeds, a long time legislator from one of the most rural parts of the Valley, who would like to become Virginia's next Governor.

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4:16 am
Mon January 12, 2009

The Gulf Stream and Exploration

Harrisonburg, VA – The Gulf Stream, which courses through the ocean about 15 miles off the
coast of Virginia, is often called the weather-maker of the Atlantic.

But as Sarah McConnell discovered after speaking with James Madison University professor Stan Ulanski, it also played a pivotal role in the early exploration of the Americas.

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3:45 am
Sat January 10, 2009

Legislative Priorities - Ben Cline

Lexington, VA – When the 2009 session of Virginia's General Assembly opens this Wednesday, the top challenge will be dealing with a multi-billion dollar budget deficit.

Each morning, until the Assembly opens, we're talking with lawmakers from across the WMRA region about that deficit, as well as what they hope to see accomplished in this year's so-called short session.'

This morning we hear from the Delegate from the 24th district, who sat down recently with WMRA's Tom Graham.

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