The Spark

A creative look at... creativity.

Past NASA scientist Dave Pruett wishes it weren't so often thought of as an either/or choice when it comes to  intuition  and  reason.  He spent a dozen years trying to get his thoughts down on paper.  And the book is ready. 

The "right hand man" of epic football coach "Bear" Bryant was coach Carney Laslie.  Leslie's granddaughter, Carey Keefe, is working on a memoir of him.  The ending has an odd twist --and she reads us part of it. 

Sickened by exposure to chemicals used in restoration of the building where she worked, past dancer and mathematician Eve Stahl was inspired to create a line of natural skin-care products with no toxic ingredients. 

Retired concert violinist Daniel Heifetz founded the Heifetz International Music Institute in 1996 with a mission to draw “the sacred fire” from the world’s brightest and best young classical musicians. Daniel sat down recently with Martha to talk about life, virtuosity, technical precision, and passion. 

Photographer Artem Pekun is a discount world-traveler with an eye for interesting scenes --whether picturesque or serious-minded. Originally from Belarus, Art is now in the Harrisonburg area, advising a top language-software company on their stock-photography choices. 

Web Extra: More Heifetz

Jan 3, 2013

More of Heifetz International Music Institute founder Daniel Heifetz' talk with WMRA's Martha Woodroof

Long ago, big trees were felled for building-lumber. Today's lumber is from smaller quickly-grown trees.  Larry Stopper specializes in salvaging and recycling old wood --warehouse beams, barnwood, floorboards. 

Bob Satterwhite interviews composer Rick Sowash about the new recording of his piece Four Places on the Appalachian Trail which will have its WMRA premier Monday, December 17th on Bob’s Record Shelf

Marjorie Nafziger was a counselor who loved to draw --and then one day, she found herself reinvented as a professional illustrator.  

Over a career spanning more than twenty years, Barbara Martin has covered a lot of musical ground, unafraid to explore new territory at each turn.