Public Radio Showcase

Public Radio Showcase 7-1-12
3:37 pm
Fri June 29, 2012

Africa: The Next Chapter

4:00 pm
Sat June 23, 2012

When Brains Attack!

In this episode of Radiolab, strange stories of brains that lead their owners astray, knock them off balance, and, sometimes, propel them to do amazing things.

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Radiolab (Sat 4pm)
10:04 am
Mon June 11, 2012


This hour of Radiolab dives into the messy mystery in the middle of us.  What's going on down there?   We stick our hand in a cow stomach, get a window into our core through the story of a human science experiment, listen in on the surprising back-and-forth between our gut and our brain, and talk to a man who kind of went out of his mind when a medical procedure left him (for a little while) gutless.  

4:00 pm
Sat June 9, 2012


Wikimedia Commons

The walls are closing in, you've got no way out...and then, suddenly, you escape!

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4:08 pm
Sat June 2, 2012

The Bad Show

Credit: Punchinello (April 1870) via Wikipedia Commons

Cruelty, violence, badness...

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4:18 pm
Sat May 26, 2012

Patient Zero

The greatest mysteries all have a shadowy figure at the center-someone who sets things in motion and holds the key to how the rest of the story unfolds.

In epidemiology, this central character is known as Patient Zero-the case at the heart of an outbreak.

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