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A web extra --more of Martha's talk with Joe/Ojo Taylor below.

And some of his music.



This is a web-only bonus: extra audio of Bob Driver who appeared on The Spark.



Angela Carter appeared on The Spark. Here is a bonus: a recording of her reading her poem Morning Glory.

Web Extra: Charles Marsh

Jul 7, 2014

Below, Charles Marsh talks about how his own experiences during the Civil Rights movement inform his relationship with Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  This is bonus audio from Martha's broadcast talk with author Charles Marsh.

Just where did the name St Brigid Press come from?


Go from WV to EO?

Apr 1, 2014

Should West Virginia change names? A representative from the Appalachian People's Renaming Initiave's Leaders For Other Orthology League thinks so. 

In this installment of WMRA's occasional series The Civic Soapbox, Larry Stopper, business owner and resident of Afton, shares his thoughts about the government's role in supporting small business.

Essay: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To Me

Sep 21, 2012

Janis Jaquith has some advice for Virginia's female voters.

Essay: Rebooting the Occupy Movement

Mar 30, 2012

On WMRA's occasional series, The Civic Soapbox, Denise Zito shares her thoughts about the Occupy Movement and it's future.

Essay: Hosting a Child

Mar 2, 2012

On WMRA's occasional series, The Civic Soapbox, Jennifer Murch shares her thoughts about hosting a child through New York City’s Fresh Air Fund.

Augusta County, VA –

Environmental Literacy - by Bruce Dorries

From kindergarten through college, many students struggle with basic lessons in "Nature 101." Yet, they earn gold stars in "Advanced Pop Culture." That needs to change.

Teaching our kids environmental literacy with meaningful lessons connected to nature benefits learning across the curriculum -- while greening up the Valley's future.

Bridgewater, VA – Larry Hoover shares his thoughts about Big Money and Big Government.

Farmville, VA –

Paterno & Dylan

Nothing is more demoralizing than watching a hero fall. As the nation has been alarmed by details of the Penn State sex abuse case, the Penn State faithful have been scrambling to find some way to salvage the image of their once proud icon, Joe Peterno. At times like this, we should lend our ears to a man of sober reason and insight - Bob Dylan.

Afton, VA – Government Regulation

Charlottesville – Congress, Please be Sensible about Gun Control!

Charlottesville, VA – Val Matthews talks about the lost art of letter writing.

Bridgewater – Mona Williams lives and cooks in Bridgewater.

Afton, VA – Katrien Vance teaches 7th and 8th graders at North Branch School in Afton.

Gainesboro, VA – Ellen Adams lives and writes in Gainesboro, on the outskirts of Winchester.

Harrisonburg, VA – Kim Johnson discusses how some thing just bug you.

Roanoke, VA – Jeff Ell lives in Roanoke. He is the author of Ruth Uncensored: The Story You Thought You Knew.

Charlottesville, VA – Mariflo Stephens is from Charlottesville. She teaches Creative Writing at Hollins University.

Rockbridge County, VA – Patricia Foreman raises her chickens in Rockbridge County.

Harrisonburg, VA – Tim Godshall lives in Harrisonburg.

Albemarle, VA – Bobbi Snow talks about her son's generation and the large numbers of recent college grads who decide to live at home.

Lexington, VA – Devan Malore lives in Lexington.

Staunton, VA – Bruce Dorries is a member of Friends of the Middle River and teaches at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton.

Harrisonburg, VA – Reid Wodicka lives in Harrisonburg and is the Town Manager of Elkton. He will receive a Master of Public Administration degree from James Madison University in May.

Harrisonburg, VA – Christian Early is a Danish immigrant who teaches philosophy at Eastern Mennonite University.