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Jan 1, 2016

From 2006-2014, WMRA hosted art exhibits at the Harrisonburg facility.  WMRA plans to continue boosting the regional creative community in other ways.  Artists are also mentioned on-air occasionally during our news/interview shows (like The Spark).  Map to the sitePast exhibits.

Master and Apprentice (CLOSED)

Mar 15, 2014

Art Show. Pat Jarrett's "Master and Apprentice" series of poster-sized color photos of workplace-trainees and their mentors. Pictures include blacksmiths, cobblers, tribal dancers, singers, instrument-makers, printers, cheese-makers, and others.

Canyonland Surprises (Closed)

Dec 17, 2013
Greg Versen

Greg Versen (AKA "Professah Blues" on WMRA's Blues Valley) is also a longtime art photographer.  Art peekers welcome 9-to-5 weekdays. His scenes of Arizona and New Mexico have a few surprises. 

Phenomena (Closed)

Dec 20, 2012

Through Thr 31 Jan 2013, the art show at WMRA's Harrisonburg facility will include altered photos by  Corinne Diop and Susan Zurbrigg in an exhibit called Phenomena.  Art peekers welcome 9-5 weekdays. 

DinoHenge Whacktasticness (Closed)

Oct 31, 2012

DinoHenge Whacktasticness --closes  Thurs 1 Nov 2012. Oddest. Exhibit. Ever. (Wonderfully so!)  FoamHenge/DinosaurLand sculptor Mark Cline, DC pubs decorator Lee Wheeler, and zen-chainsaw sculptor Glenn Richardson amuse the weirder parts of your mind.  Art peekers welcome 9-5 weekdays. 

Our most recent art exhibit featured private images of epic Beat writer Allen Ginsberg and friends as photographed by Ginsberg-insider Gordon Ball (now of Lexington, Va).

Figurative abstract mixed-media paintings of Joan Ranzini and black-and-white portrait photos by past The Spark guest Fran Fevrier, paired at the request of the artists.

The exhibit titled "Muses Musicians Mountains" was up until Mar 22, 2012.