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Pet Love

Aug 6, 2012

Veterinarian Bruce Coston loves to nurture the bond between people and pets.

He also loves to tell stories.

He does both in his new book.

For more than 15 years they were known as the Virginia Organizing Project. Then they changed the name to just Virginia Organizing.

The Forensic Psychiatrist

Jul 30, 2012

Anyone who has watched television crime dramas has heard the term “forensics” plenty of times. Forensic science can be key in solving crimes. But what, then, is forensic psychiatry?

Flirting with the Divine

Jul 26, 2012

Eric was in a hospital wondering if he was dying. A nurse whispered a question in his ear, and set him on a worldwide journey.

Breaking a Taboo: Childhood Sex Abuse

Jul 23, 2012

Sometimes tragedy can cause some good.

Got a Question About the Weather?

Jul 19, 2012

Stan Ulanski has been studying weather and climate for more than 30 years, Bruce Hayden, for at least a decade longer.

The Higgs

Jul 16, 2012

You may have heard that the “Higgs Boson”  is a sort of holy grail for physicists.

Hot Time in the Garden

Jul 12, 2012

Notice any unusual weather recently? Has it caused any new challenges in your garden?

The Supreme Court and Virginia Health Care

Jul 9, 2012

Wondering how the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on health care, and the associated political fallout, might affect Virginia?

The Sheras Model for Making Love Work

Jul 5, 2012

For decades Virginia psychologists Phyllis Koch-Sheras and Peter Sheras have operated counseling practices independent of each other.