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An American Anniversary

Jul 2, 2012

Do you know what happened in June … 200 years ago? A lot of other people don’t either.

That's why author John Stagg will be our guest talking about his newest book, The War of 1812: Conflict for a Continent.


J.C.A. Stagg, Ph.D. - Author, The War of 1812: Conflict for a Continent  (Cambridge, 2012).  Professor of History and Editor-in-Chief, The Papers of James Madison at the University of Virginia.

Decoding Government

Jun 28, 2012

How much do you know about what your government is doing?


Jun 25, 2012

How attached are you? To whom are you attached? What caused you to be that way?

Shakespeare-Based Leadership

Jun 21, 2012

What do a handful of officers in the British Royal Navy... several dozen lawyers across Virginia... and hundreds of federal employees across America all have in common?

Measuring Poverty

Jun 18, 2012

What do we need to understand about poverty?

Primary Response

Jun 14, 2012

Just before Primary Day, two Tea Party favorites get an unusual endorsement. And with the Primary behind us... what might be next for the Old Dominion electorate?

Prepping The Future You

Jun 11, 2012
Jen Fariello

When did you decide what you wanted to do with your life?

You and your kids are out in a storm.  One of your children is hit by lightning.  How fast would you want a doctor’s help?

Reading into Generation-HEX

Jun 4, 2012

Harry Potter... you've heard of him.  Now some researchers are crediting him with something that could be enriching educational prospects for millions of young adults of college age.

The Energy Economy

May 31, 2012

Ever notice how our adherence to good intentions goes down as the price of maintaining those intentions goes up?

The Virginia Politics Roundtable

May 24, 2012

Living in a swing state makes some people happy.  

For example, millions of  advertising dollars will flow into Virginia television stations between now and November... although you might not be thrilled with the resulting TV commercials flowing into your home.


May 21, 2012

Meanness and cruelty... what causes kids to use such tactics against each other?

God and Politics

May 17, 2012

Abortion - Gay Marriage - Family Values - Who qualifies as Christian and who doesn’t.

How did religion become such a big deal in presidential politics?

School Money

May 14, 2012

What will the new Virginia budget mean for funding Virginia’s public schools?

The Patent Economy

May 10, 2012

Perhaps you’ve noticed headlines about firms like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft paying hundreds of millions of dollars to buy up other companies’ patents.

Has it occurred to you to wonder why?

Future Fuel

May 7, 2012

What will power the engines of the future?  Biodiesel... Hydrogen... Seaweed... Natural gas from hydrofracking?

Justifying Human Behavior with Animal Stories

May 3, 2012

Ants practice democracy... Penguins are monogamous... Bonobos honor female sensitivity. If animals do it, does that mean humans should too?

In The Zone

Apr 30, 2012

Want to know how to get, “in the zone,” that place athletes talk about where everything seems to be going exactly right?

Religion & Virginia History

Apr 26, 2012

Think “Religion and the South,” and what group jumps to mind?

Decoding Government

Apr 23, 2012

How much do you know about what your government is doing?