The Spark

Friday 6:20pm

The Spark is WMRA's own creative look at --well-- creativity. We dig into whatever people are passionate about in the WMRA region: sculpture, model railroading, costume-making, poetry, whatever.

Please note that while we no longer produce The Spark as a full-length program (due to Martha Woodroof's retirement), her interviews continue to appear within our Friday broadcast of All Things Considered.

We want to hear from those who are doing artsy or interesting or wonderful or obsessive things.  We also recognize that lots of creatives are a tad shy and might not ever speak up for themselves. 

You can put something on our radar about yourself or can tell us about someone you know of who might be interesting by sending an e-mail to the show host, Martha Woodroof:
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Consider this a community-wide celebration of the many people among us who invest time, energy and discipline into pushing against life's boundaries.

Listen to a typical 2012 version of the show's end credits (including Martha asking to hear from those who know about creative goings-on) : here (60 seconds).

2013 Spark intern Julia Skinner has been tasked with blogging about potentially Spark-worthy peers, and you can find the link to that blog on this page.

Psychologist Paul Ackerman, who is seventy-seven and a long-time musician, shares what it's like to embark on a new career involving new computer skills, music, and teaching.

Twenty-five-year old Corey Garig works at a deli (where Martha met him) to support himself and his family while he teaches himself computer animation.

The Spark will return next week, but while it's still on vacation, we're presenting State of the RE:Union - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

While The Spark is on holiday this week and next... we're presenting State of the RE:Union Internet Communities – Virtual Reality.

Occasional Spark essayist Carey Keefe tries to text her mom (LOL). Meanwhile, certain oldpersons who don't want to bother with gadgets (like the hearing-aid battery) can't hear the smoke detector's low-power warning beeps. 

Martha interviews folklore expert, Veterans' History Project workshop-giver, oral historian for hire, and musician Douglas Day. 

Organizing THIS

Mar 29, 2013

Amps, speakers, hundreds of rocked-out sweaty students, an annual invasion of the former Turkey Capital of the World.  A chat with two organizers of MACRoCk --the alternative music festival that thrashes through Harrisonburg each year. 

Feeding A Need

Mar 29, 2013

Dietician Lara Sokoloff saw sick people in Harrisonburg with nutritional needs and is hoping to galvanize the community into helping. 

Like Airplanes

Mar 23, 2013

Jeff Ell muses about looking up at contrails --and jetwatching with binoculars. (By the way, Jeff penned one of our web's most-ever clicked  essays: 

George Loper

Charlottesville’s Nancy Damon talks about directing her beloved literary mayhem, the Virginia Festival of the Book.