Music Without Borders

Music Without Borders has retired from the airwaves on WMRA with it's final broadcast, Sunday May 4th, 2014.

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October 27, 2013

8:00 PM
In Tall Buildings
Artist : John Hartford
Album : Radio John
Label : RCA Victor
8:03 PM
Artist : Jesse Lege and Joel Savoy and the Cajun Country Revival
Album : The Right Combination
Label : Valcour
8:06 PM
Artist : Fleetwood Mac
Album : The Pious Bird of Good Omen
Label : Blue Horizon
8:10 PM
Milwaukee Blues
Artist : Nikos Pappas, Seth Folsom, and Jesse Wells
Album : The New Young Fogies Volume One
Label : The New Young Fogies
8:13 PM
Wild Bill Jones
Artist : The Macrae Sisters
Album : Old Sledge
Label : Yodel-ay-hee
8:17 PM
Artist : Egan, Pat & Becky, Olcan Masterson, et al
Album : Music at Matt Molloy's
Label : Real World
8:22 PM
Crow Jane
Artist : Tuba Skinny
Album : Rag Band
Label : Tuba Skinny
8:27 PM
Artist : Baaba Maal
Album : Baayo
Label : Mango
8:31 PM
Banish Misfortune
Artist : Davey Graham
Album : The Complete Guitarist
Label : Kicking Mule
8:33 PM
Don’t Give Up
Artist : Peter Gabriel
Album : New Blood
Label : Real World
8:40 PM
Springtime Promises
Artist : The Pentangle
Album : Basket of Light
Label : Transatlantic
8:44 PM
Oh, the Wind and Rain
Artist : Jody Stecher
Album : Oh, the Wind and Rain
Label : Appleseed
8:53 PM
March Winds Gonna Blow All My Blues Away
Artist : Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin
Album : Songs of the Carter Family
Label : Appleseed
8:56 PM
Mur Tan Itev
Artist : The Shoghaken Ensemble
Album : Armenia Anthology
Label : Smithsonian Folkways
9:00 PM
Stay All Night
Artist : Buzzard Rock Bayou Boys
Album : Songs of Love Death and Food
Label : Notegun
9:04 PM
Motherless Child
Artist : Blind Boys of Alabama
Album : Spirit of the Century
Label : Real World
9:08 PM
Lord Randall
Artist : Jean Ritchie
Album : Traditional Ballads in the Southern Mountains Volume 2
Label : Smithsonian Folkways
9:11 PM
The Future
Artist : Leonard Cohen
Album : The Future
Label : Columbia
9:18 PM
Tam Lin
Artist : Fairport Convention
Album : Liege and Lief
Label : Island
9:25 PM
Spirit on the Water
Artist : Bob Dylan
Album : Modern Times
Label : Columbia
9:34 PM
The Pearl Wedding / Nancy Taylor’s Reel
Artist : Willie Taylor
Album : Northumberland Rant: Traditional Music from the Edge of England
Label : Smithsonian Folkways
9:36 PM
Everything is Free
Artist : Gillian Welch
Album : Time (the Revelator)
Label : Acony
9:41 PM
Artist : BeauSoleil
Album : L'amour ou la Folie
Label : Rhino
9:45 PM
Midnight Special
Artist : Odetta
Album : Vanguard Visionaries
Label : Vanguard
9:48 PM
Waltz from Orsa
Artist : Seamus and Manus McGuire
Album : Playing with Fire: The Celtic Fiddle Collection
Label : Green Linnet
9:52 PM
Virginia Gals
Artist : The Country Club
Album : The Country Club
Label : The Country Club
9:54 PM
Artist : Sayan Aqmoldaev
Album : The Silk Road: A Musical Caravan
Label : Smithsonian Folkways
9:57 PM
Wondrous Love
Artist : Sarah Wood
Album : The New Young Fogies Volume One
Label : The New Young Fogies