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February 24, 2013

8:01 PM
Morgan Magan
Artist : Duck Baker
Album : Kid on the Mountain
Label : Kicking Mule
8:04 PM
Photographs and Memories
Artist : Jim Croce
Album : Photographs and Memories
Label : ABC
8:07 PM
Artist : Viento de los Andes
Album : Sanjuanitos
Label : Viento de los Andes
8:12 PM
Can’t Stand to Throw Anything Away
Artist : John Hartford
Album : The Walls We Bounce Off Of
Label : Small Dog A-Barkin'
8:16 PM
Show Me The Place
Artist : Leonard Cohen
Album : Old Ideas
Label : Columbia
8:20 PM
Artist : Nick Drake
Album : Pink Moon
Label : Island
8:22 PM
L and N Rag
Artist : Light and Hitch
Album : Light and Hitch Old-Time String Band
Label : Light and Hitch
8:25 PM
Run That Body Down
Artist : Paul Simon
Album : Paul Simon
Label : Columbia
8:29 PM
Catch the Wind
Artist : Donovan
Album : The Essential Donovan
Label : Sony Legacy
8:33 PM
Styles of Throat Singing
Artist : Sygt, Khoomei, Kargyraa
Album : Voices of the Real World
Label : Real World
8:34 PM
Sigit ʺAlashʺ (Tuva)
Artist : Mergen Mongush
Album : World Music Collection
Label : Smithsonian Folkways
8:36 PM
Artist : Khevrisa
Album : European Klezmer Music
Label : Smithsonian Folkways
8:41 PM
Face to the Highway
Artist : Tom Waits
Album : Bad As Me
Label : Anti-
8:46 PM
The Snows
Artist : Pentangle
Album : Solomon's Seal
Label : Transatlantic
8:49 PM
Lay Down Lay Low
Artist : The Steel Wheels
Album : Lay Down Lay Low
Label : The Steel Wheels
8:54 PM
Akiwowo (Chant to the Trainman)
Artist : Babatunde Olatunji
Album : Drums of Passion
Label : Sony
8:59 PM
Mrs. Crotty’s / La gigue du Plateua Mont-Royal / The Flax in Bloom
Artist : Hell on the Nine Mile
Album : Witt's End
Label : Skew-Turned
9:07 PM
Sad Lisa
Artist : Cat Stevens
Album : Majikat
Label : Eagle
9:10 PM
Into the Mystic
Artist : Van Morrison
Album : Moondance
Label : Warner Bros.
9:14 PM
Diamond Joe
Artist : Bob Dylan
Album : Masked and Anonymous Soundtrack
Label : Columbia
9:17 PM
Matty Groves
Artist : Fairport Convention
Album : Liege and Lief
Label : Island
9:25 PM
More Fool Me
Artist : Genesis
Album : Selling England by the Pound
Label : Charisma
9:29 PM
A Distant Land to Roam
Artist : Dick Harrington and Victoria Young
Album : Old-Time Saturday Night
Label : fiddletop
9:32 PM
La Valse de Deux Families
Artist : Dewey Balfa and Friends
Album : Fait a la Main & Souvenirs
Label : Ace
9:35 PM
Wind & Rain
Artist : Mike Seeger
Album : Solo - Oldtime Country Music
Label : Rounder Select
9:39 PM
Polecat Blues
Artist : The Macrae Sisters
Album : Old Sledge
Label : The Macrae Sisters
9:44 PM
Riddles Wisely Expounded
Artist : Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer
Album : Child Ballads
Label : Wilderland
9:49 PM
Pretty Little Widow
Artist : The Skillet Lickers
Album : Old-Time Fiddle Tunes and Songs from North Georgia
Label : County
9:52 PM
There’s Trouble On My Mind Today
Artist : The Delmore Brothers
Album : Hillbilly Boogie Best
Label : Goldenlane
9:55 PM
Artist : John Prine
Album : John Prine
Label : Atlantic
Acoustic Cafe - LIVE
5:27 pm
Thu December 19, 2013

Robin & Linda Williams - LIVE

Robin & Linda Williams
Al Bartholet

Robin and Linda Williams recently appeared on WMRA's Acoustic Cafe and had an opportunity to talk with Tina Owens about 40 years in the music business, life on the road with A Prairie Home Companion, and of their love of music.

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