What ‘‘Sequestration’’ Could Mean in Virginia

Aug 14, 2012

Federal workers in northern Virginia. Military folk on the coast.  Defense contractors across the commonwealth.  A lot of Virginia paychecks flow from Washington.  And how those checks get spent might even effect your job. 

Reason enough to consider how potential automatic federal budget cuts known as “Sequestration” might play out across the Old Dominion.


Robert North Roberts, J.D., Ph.D. - Government Policy Specialist. Author of numerous books on American politics, among them: Ethics in U.S. Government (Greenwood), The Public Integrity Wars (Praeger); Public Journalism and Political Knowledge (Rowman & Littlefield); and Encyclopedia of Presidential Campaigns (Greenwood). Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, James Madison University.

J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. Ph.D. - Author of several books on economics, including Complex Evolutionary Dynamics in Urban-Regional and Ecological Economic Systems: Beyond Catastrophe and Chaos [Springer].  Professor of Economics and the Kirby L. Cramer, Jr. Professor of Business Administration at James Madison University.

Additional Contributors:

Steve Landes - Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 25th District, which includes portions of Albemarle, Augusta, and Rockingham counties.

David Toscano, J.D. Ph.D.- Democratic member of the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 57th District, which includes the city of Charlottesville and portions of the county of Albemarle. Democratic Party Minority Leader in the Virginia House of Delegates.