Web Extra from The Spark: Koinonia Farm history

Sep 21, 2012

As mentioned in an episode of The Spark, here is a phone interview related to the historic Koinonia Farm. 

Our Community Farm  is about living one’s faith in community.

One of its forerunners (and the forerunner of Habitat for Humanity)  was Koinonia Farm.

The following is shamelessly lifted from Wikipedia:

  • Koinonia Farm  was founded in 1942 by two couples, Clarence and Florence Jordan and Martin and Mabel England, as a “demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God.” For them, this meant following the example of the first Christian communities as described in the Acts of the Apostles, amid the poverty and racism of the rural South. The name Koinonia is an ancient Greek word, used often in the New Testament, meaning deep fellowship. Koinonia members divested themselves of personal wealth and joined a "common purse" economic system. They envisioned an interracial community where blacks and whites could live and work together in a spirit of partnership.

Several people from the Harrisonburg area are traveling down to Koinonia for a September 28th and 29th Clarence Jordan Symposium (feel free to click and register yourself.)

One of them will be Brian Kaylor, who’s been a guest on The Spark talking about his biography-in-progress on Clarence Jordan.

Brian spoke by phone with Clarence Jordan’s son, Lenny.