Waiting Tables

Oct 3, 2013

What does how we treat wait staff say about us?

When was the last time you ate out?

How was the service?

How do you think things looked from your server’s point of view?

NOTE: This is an encore presentation which was originally broadcast November 19, 2012.

Will Harrington (pseudonym) - Restaurant manager with close to 20 years combined experience waiting tables and managing restaurants in half a dozen locales; including Atlanta, Louisville, Nashville, and Charlottesville.

Jennifer Moran - Former waitress.  Former hotel marketing director.  Now a full time mother to 8-year old triplets.

Michelle Boggs Simpson - Former waitress.  Former bank teller.  Now a full time mother to three young children.

Additional Contributor:

Gregg Henriques, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist. Author of A New Unified Theory of Psychology [Springer, 2011]. Developer of the “Tree of Knowledge” -- or ToK -- approach to bringing major theories of psychology into alignment. Director of the Combined-Integrated Doctoral Program in Clinical and School Psychology at James Madison University.