A Virginia Politics Update

Oct 15, 2012

You’ve heard that, here in Virginia and across the nation, the presidential race will be decided by those who still list themselves as “undecided.”

Has it occurred to you to wonder who these people could be who have still not made up their minds?

If you have a theory, please do join in!

Bob Gibson - Executive Director of The Thomas C. Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership and former political writer at The Charlottesville Daily Progress.

Anita Kumar - White House Correspondent, McClatchy Newspapers.

Robert North Roberts, J.D., Ph.D. -  Government Policy Specialist.  Author of numerous books on American politics, among them; Ethics in U.S. Government (Greenwood), The Public Integrity Wars (Praeger), Public Journalism and Political Knowledge (Rowman & Littlefield), and Encyclopedia of Presidential Campaigns (Greenwood).  Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, James Madison University.