Top Stories: Missiles For Turkey; Inflation In Check; Egypt Prepares To Vote

Dec 14, 2012

Good morning.

Our early headlines:

-- Syrian Crisis: Turkey Getting Patriot Missiles, Some U.S. Troops To Operate Them.

-- Inflation Is In Check; Consumer Prices Fell 0.3 Percent In November.

-- In Repeat Of Disturbing News, Man With Knife Attacks School Children In China.

Some of the day's other top stories:

-- "What North Korea's Rocket Launch Tells Us About Iran's Role." (Morning Edition)

-- "Russia's Stance On Syria 'Will Not Change.' " (BBC News)

-- "Constitution Vote Won't End Egypt's Crisis." (Morning Edition)

-- "UBS In Talks over $1 Billion Penalty." (The Wall Street Journal)

-- Ambassador Susan Rice: "Why I Made The Right Call." (The Washington Post)

-- "Obama, Boehner Closer To Cliff's Edge." (The Hill)

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