Tax Fact Surprise

Oct 22, 2012

Taxes... we pay too much, right?

Compared to 33 other developed nations, how high is the U.S. tax rate?

Would you believe it’s actually among the lowest in the world?

That’s just one of the surprises two tax policy researchers have agreed to explain.

Raquel Alexander, PhD
-  Corporate tax policy specialist.  Former tax consultant with the international auditing firm KPMG.  Associate Professor of Accounting, Washington and Lee University.

Joseph J. Thorndike, PhD - Director of the The Tax History Project.  Fellow of the George W. Bush Institute.  Former columnist for  Visiting Scholar -  University of Virginia History Department.  Author of the forthcoming book Their Fair Share: Taxing The Rich In The Age Of FDR [planned publication: December 2012, Urban Institute Press].