The Status of the War on Drugs

Jan 9, 2012

This program was rebroadcast Monday, March 5th.

Two friends who are both constitutional scholars told us they are ready to debate each other on the status of the war on drugs.

One heads up an advocacy group for First Amendment rights. The other heads up a Virginia city police department.

Just to add spice, we will also be hearing from a researcher who studies the anthropology of drug use. And whether they have ever inhaled or not... all listener perspectives are also invited.

Timothy J. Longo, Sr., J.D. - Chief, City of Charlottesville Police Department. Consultant and training session leader for constitutional literacy seminars at numerous police departments across the country.

John Whitehead, J.D.
- Attorney and author specializing in First Amendment rights. President of The Rutherford Institute.

Additional Contributor:
William Garriott, PhD - Cultural Anthropologist. Specialist in rural American addiction issues. Co-editor of the forthcoming book Anthropologies of Addiction: Science, Therapy and Regulation. Assistant Professor of Justice Studies, James Madison University.