Spring Fundraiser

Apr 10, 2013

The WMRA Spring Fundraiser ended at noon Saturday, April 6.  Thanks to your generosity, together we raised over $90,000.

Thank you very much to each of you who contributed to our brief Spring Drive.

If you meant to give, but you couldn't find the time since it went by so quickly, keep in mind that you can always support WMRA anytime  - Contribute Now!

You may know that the Commonwealth of Virginia has eliminated funding for public broadcasting. Last fiscal year WMRA received $86,000. This year, $0.

That's a lot of $100 listener contributions to make up the difference!  We appreciate the many who have already given this year and replaced much of that loss.  There is much more still to go.

Consider how often you’ve tuned in...to follow the Presidential election, to fathom the turbulent economy, or just to appreciate the stories that satisfy your daily curiosity about the world and its people.  And remember the hours of music and humor that gave you some respite from the whirlwind of the news cycle.

This is listener-supported public radio, made possible by thoughtful people who value independent, intelligent journalism and entertainment.  We hope that includes you today!   Support WMRA