Smart Beginnings

Jun 9, 2014

A collection of non-profits and businesses across the Commonwealth have joined together in something they are calling the “Smart Beginnings Start with Families” campaign. 

At the heart of their campaign, they say, is an effort to give Virginia’s children the best possible head start in life.  And one key component of that effort involves educating the general public about critical stages in early childhood development.  


Barbara Hutchinson   - Member of the Smart Beginnings Start with Families  chapter for the Greater Charlottesville region.  Director of Community Initiatives, Thomas Jefferson Area United Way.

Cynthia Pritchard   - Member of the Shenandoah Valley Leadership Council of the Smart Beginnings Start with Families  campaign.  Chief Executive Officer,  United Way of Greater Augusta.

Additional Contributor:
Craig Shealy, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist.  Professor of Graduate Psychology, James Madison University.  Executive Director of the International Beliefs and Values Institute ("IBAVI"). 

Staff Sgt. Myron Jamerson as Klutz the Clown on a playground with kids. Image credit: US Govt (