Rembrandts at JMU

Feb 6, 2014

WMRA's Martha Woodroof meets longtime art historian Kay Arthur who helped obtain a trove of Rembrandt art for an exhibit in Harrisonburg until Feb. 28.

The exhibit, "Rembrandt and the Mennonite Community," involved collaboration between the National Gallery of Art, the Madison Art Collection, JMU, EMU, and others.  The show has Rembrandt etchings, two paintings (from the "School of"), and some rare books of the period.   Kay was intrigued by the nearby Mennonite university's response to the show.  Those wishing to see the show who don't have a JMU parking pass can use the parking metered spaces (marked B on this map) and then cross the street to enter the curvy Festival building. The show is in the lower level's Lisanby Gallery.

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