Protestors Gather Again at Republican Congressman Tom Garrett's Office

Feb 7, 2017

Protests against President Trump’s agenda continued in Charlottesville this week. WMRA’s Jordy Yager has the story.

Chant: No Ban No Wall

More than 100 people showed up to Republican Congressman Tom Garrett’s office shortly after noon on Tuesday.

LARRY STOPPER: So let’s be clear, because their intentions are clear. They want to give tax cuts to the rich and take healthcare from the poor, and we are here to say no!

Indivisible Charlottesville launched 10 days ago with demands that Garrett withdraw his support of President Trump’s recent executive orders affecting refugees and immigrants. A week ago, it marched on Garrett’s office protesting GOP efforts to dismantle the Affordable Healthcare Act. On Tuesday, it did so again.

STOPPER: We are not going back to the days when vulnerable populations sat for hours in over crowded emergency rooms because it’s the only place that they could get healthcare. No way!

In small groups, protesters filed into Garrett’s second floor office. They were welcomed by his staff.


Not everyone on Tuesday was opposed to Garrett. In a back office with a dozen pizzas and a case of bottled water, area resident Connie Stevens and a friend showed up to support Garrett and Trump.

CONNIE STEVENS: They’re going to make things great. They’re keeping us safe, they’re going to build the wall, they’re going to free up the market for healthcare, we’re going to get better healthcare, everything’s going great. So I’m happy.

For WMRA News, I’m Jordy Yager