Prince Tribute Concert in Charlottesville

Jul 1, 2016

A special concert in Charlottesville is paying homage to late, great recording artist Prince, while also raising funds for a special cause. WMRA's Sefe Emokpae explains.

The loss of Prince was hard on millions of fans across the world and right here in Virginia.

JAMAL MILLNER: It felt like it was a family member or a cousin and I'm a fan of his being more a musician because I'm a guitarist but I know there are people who loved him that's why he was able to have a career when he wasn't super famous.

Moved by Prince’s passing Jamal Millner and Cville's Purple All Stars will perform a tribute concert on Friday night at Jefferson Theater on the downtown mall.

MILLNER: This is a good way to warm up for the fourth of July. It's going to be really fun. All of the singers and the musicians up there are very passionate about music but they’re also very passionate about Prince as well so it’s being able to express some of the music of your hero.

The band will play a medley of Prince’s greatest hits including the legendary album, Purple Rain, in its entirety. Not only is the concert honoring Prince, it will also benefit Charlottesville’s Music Resource Center.

MILLNER: The Music Resource Center which is here in Charlottesville is a great spot, It's for the youngsters, teenage, middle school age that are aspiring musicians or creative people in every kind of music. When you're a kid and you’re playing it's hard to get a place to rehearse. The Music Resource Center allows these kids to have a place to get their art together and since Charlottesville's a music town we actually need young people to continue to be creative.

The night’s performers will include some singers and musicians who were around for the MRC’s founding.

MILLNER: We have on vocals Michael Croan, Anita Byers, Nikki Harris and Allen Saunders, Ivan Orr and Chris Redd on keyboards, Vic Brown on bass, and Jeff Louderback on drums.

Millner adds there will be a few more special guests appearing on stage… but he says to find out who, you’ll just have to come and see for yourself.

Doors open at 7:30, the show begins an hour after that.