Obama Campaign Tries To One (Million) Up Romney's 'One-Term' Cash Effort

Feb 2, 2012

Cue the song "Anything You Can Do," from the musical "Annie Get Your Gun." The Obama and Romney campaigns have for all practical purposes started waging their general-election campaigns against each other.

Coming off its huge victory in the Florida Republican presidential primary Tuesday, Mitt Romney's campaign announced a new fundraising effort, a "One-Term Fund" to raise $1 million to defeat President Obama. "One term. One million dollars. One message: Let's hold him accountable," is the message the Romney campaign has attached to the effort. Its website indicates it's three-quarters of the way towards reaching its goal. The web site doesn't inform visitors of how many donors that represents.

Not to be outdone, Obama's campaign established a "Two-Term Fund" to double the Romney campaign's goal. Its message: "... In Mitt Romney's words: 'We must not forget what this election is really about: defeating Barack Obama.' Don't let that happen." According to the Obama campaign website, more than $903,000 was donated by more than 22,500 contributors.

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