March 10: Bethany Yarrow & Rufus Cappadocia at Court Square

Jan 23, 2018

Bethany Yarrow & Rufus Cappadocia

WMRA and the Arts Council of the Valley are pleased to present Bethany Yarrow & Rufus Cappadocia in concert, Saturday March 10, 8-10pm at Court Square Theater in Harrisonburg.

Get Tickets - Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door. WMRA Members save 20% on advance tickets.

Bethany Yarrow (daughter of Peter Yarrow, of Peter Paul and Mary) and Rufus Cappadocia are a cello and voice duo that weave a tapestry of sound as they slide between groove, sweet melodies, deep prayer, and roots music from around the world. When Bethany Yarrow and Rufus Cappadocia join forces on stage they spark a fire-in-the-belly, soul-stirring experience that lingers long after the concert ends.

Bethany & Rufus perform "900 Miles"

Bethany & Rufus perform "If I Had My Way"

Rufus Cappadocia solo at Pop!Tech 2008

Listen to Bethany & Rufus on Weekend Edition Sunday

Proceeds benefit WMRA - Get your tickets now.