Lifetime Motorcyclist Wayne Hensley

Jun 18, 2013

What do you do when the Hells Angels* and the Chicago Outlaws break into a bar fight all around you?  Um... leave.

Wayne Hensley shares some tales of wild 60s Daytona motorcycle rallies.  The second-generation motorcycle-lover  has been hooked ever since saddling a friend's giant Harley in 1948 and rumbling off for a helmet-less first-ever spin.

He says motorcycling is just different.  In a car you use the car to go someplace.  On a bike, you go someplace because you enjoy using the bike.  Wayne tells about the joy of wind in the face and grease on the fingers.

He opened Wayne's Cycle Shop in 1970.

* Note to grammar police:  the Hells Angels "officially" avoids the apostrophe.