A Legionary Physicist

May 12, 2014

Growing up in Vietnam, it was his exceptional mind that helped him escape his war-torn homeland  -- a mind that took him for training to some of the world’s best universities. 

He has since devoted more than 40 years to studying the outer reaches of the universe; teaching and writing about what he’s found.  Now the nation of France has recognized his work by awarding him the Legion of Honor.

Trinh X. Thuan, Ph.D. - Astrophysicist. Author of numerous books on science and on the connections between science and spirituality.  Among those: The Secret Melody: And Man Created the UniverseThe Birth of the Universe: The Big Bang and After; Chaos and Harmony: Perspectives on Scientific Revolutions of the Twentieth CenturyThe Quantum and the Lotus: A Journey to the Frontiers Where Science and Buddhism Meet.  Professor of Astronomy, University of Virginia.