Irish Music Raising Funds for the ACLU

Mar 6, 2017

Traditional Irish music filled the air across the country Sunday night for a national effort to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union. WMRA’s Sefe Emokpae reports from Charlottesville, where one of these “Sanctuary Sessions” took place.

[Traditional Irish music]

The instruments of traditional Irish music. As organizer Craig DuBose tells us, it’s the theme of this concert not just in Charlottesville but in conjunction with a series of simultaneous concerts in 26 cities across the U.S. and in Dublin, Ireland.

CRAIG DuBOSE: St. Patrick’s Day coming up, it's the perfect month to do it, in fact for Irish musicians, St. Patrick’s day has turned into St. Patrick’s month so this is a kickoff to St. Patrick’s month.

But it’s not just about so-called St. Patrick’s month. Each and every concert is raising money for the American Civil Liberties Union and the work that organization is doing.

DuBOSE: It's almost a 100-year-old organization and the goal is to protect the rights of all Americans.


Here in Charlottesville, the night features mostly local artists.

DuBOSE: There's a very active Irish music scene in Charlottesville so we've got local musicians. We've got a group from the Blue Ridge Irish Music School of younger people who are learning to play Irish music.


From the donated church venue and donated time from performers, DuBose says the effort across the country was volunteer-based and about more than just enjoying the music.

DuBOSE: The Irish music community all across the country is very connected we all know people in other cities and places across the country so it's just this feeling of this entire community coming together to do something positive.