Grisham, Banks for Innocence Project in Charlottesville (Event Wed.6pm)

Mar 24, 2014

WMRA's recent Virginia Insight episode about judicial false confessions, generated so much interest that it seemed wise to pass along info about a related event.

The Virginia Insight episode spoke of interrogation practices which can elicit false confessions and also mentioned some recent true stories from Virginia.  The Innocence Project works to free prisoners thought to have been wrongly convicted and some Innocence members have been among WMRA's past on-air guests. The Innocence Project is having a lecture event on Wednesday, March 26, 6-8pm with opening remarks by John Grisham and a presentation by NFL player Brian Banks (who was himself wrongfully  incarcerated and later released) at UVa's Caplin Pavilion.  Here's a Bing MAP. There is no ticket/entry fee, but the event is a fundraiser and the organizers of course appreciate donations for their cause: funding more private investigators and more legal help for reviewing the hundreds of pleas for help Innocence gets each year. Current resources allow only a handful of cases to get a through reexamination.