Future Highways

Dec 17, 2012

Ever wonder what kind of fuel George used in his Jetson-mobile?

Even though it does not look like the rest of us will be getting our flying cars anytime soon,  some other changes are coming down the pike.

We look at what can be predicted right now about the future of transportation technology, transportation policy, and transportation fuel.

Gary Koenig, Jr., Ph.D.
- Specialist in energy storage research, including development of improved hybrid automotive batteries.  Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Virginia.

Robert North Roberts, J.D., Ph.D. -  Government Policy Specialist.  Author of numerous books on American politics and policy, including  The Public Integrity Wars (Praeger).  Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, James Madison University.

Brian Smith, Ph.D. - Director of the Center for Transportation Studies and Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Virginia.

Additional Contributor:
Sean Connaughton - Virginia Secretary of Transportation.