The Day Before Virginia Votes

Nov 7, 2011

All of Virginia's state legislature... the "General Assembly"... is up for election on Tuesday, November 8.

All 100 House seats. All 40 seats in the State Senate.

In the Virginia Senate, Republicans need win only two more seats to take control, and thus total effective control of state government.

Two of the most contentious of the State Senate races are in the WMRA region.

We get a preview of Election Day from one Republican, one Democrat, and the Washington Post reporter who has been tracking the hottest races.



Anita Kumar - Richmond-based political reporter for The Washington Post.

Chris Saxman - Conservative political activist. General Manager of Shenandoah Valley Water and Coffee. Former Chair of the Cost Cutting Caucus in the Virginia House of Delegates.

David Toscano, J.D., Ph.D. - Democrat representing the 57th House of Delegates District, which includes the city of Charlottesville and portions of the county of Albemarle.