Creating Nurses

Aug 19, 2013

What  does it take to make a nurse?

Baby boomers are aging.

People are living longer.

Medical technology is rapidly changing.

So what is being done to keep up with the dramatically increasing need for qualified nurses?

Kathy Hudson, Ph.D., R.N.  -
  Dean of the Health and Life Sciences Division at Piedmont Virginia Community College.

Pamela A. Kulbok, D.N.Sc., R.N. - The Theresa A. Thomas Professor of Nursing and Professor of Public Health Sciences as well as Chair of the Department of Family, Community, and Mental Health Systems at the University of Virginia.

Julie Sanford, D.N.S., R.N. - Professor of Nursing and Head of the Department of Nursing at James Madison University.

Additional Contributor:
Amy Hougan, R.N.-B.C.  -  Clinical Education Coordinator for Augusta Health.